Welcome to my blog. I'm Jon Hayward, but I go by the name of Scalemodelmedic when I'm youtubing modelling videos.

Painting and weathering models on video takes a long time and I can't cover everything, so this blog will serve as my home on the web where I can post my latest pictures from the bench.

Depending on how this blog is received I may make it a little extension of the youtube channel, posting tips and little how-to guides, but in the meantime please just have a browse and enjoy the pictures.

Friday, 17 January 2014


I'm BACK and I'm gearing up to get right up in your screens again. I've got models on the bench, a camera pointed at them and footage already shot. I've discussed it with in a professional context what with all the other projects I've been working on and they're cool with me putting up my content. Basically, I'm on my way. I reckon february should see my first upload in 2 years... it won't be amazing, but its a start. I've learned a ton of stuff since I stopped uploading, not just about modelling but about modellers... hoping I can make some more contributions to the community that really count. See you soon, or rather, you'll see me :) Jon


  1. So, I have just been sitting around waiting for your next opious.
    Now here you are! Welcome back!
    by the by it's July on this side of the pond ;-)

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  4. Hello, sorry if this comment is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it... I am trying to do a rusting piece as you fantastically showed on the aircraft body using Humbrol enamel thinners and matt cote etc... however, there seems to be a problem getting hold of matt cote, three suppliers I have tried are struggling and on ebay it is only available from europe or korea at stupid prices. Can you recommend a substitute please?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Chris, any enamel based Matt varnish will work. One that springs to mind is testors dull cote, it should reactivate with thinners in a similar way

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  7. Hi buddy ... dunno if you remember me ... i used to work at games workshop in the merry hill centre ... i was the one who you gave put your killa kan in the store cabinet ... long hair ... called steve ... any how ... im not with GW any more ... ive got my own independent hobby shop in netherton ... would love to chat about what we have both been up to and would love you to see my new store ... find us on face book or call the store ... hope to talk soon ... steve t.