Welcome to my blog. I'm Jon Hayward, but I go by the name of Scalemodelmedic when I'm youtubing modelling videos.

Painting and weathering models on video takes a long time and I can't cover everything, so this blog will serve as my home on the web where I can post my latest pictures from the bench.

Depending on how this blog is received I may make it a little extension of the youtube channel, posting tips and little how-to guides, but in the meantime please just have a browse and enjoy the pictures.

Friday, 17 January 2014


I'm BACK and I'm gearing up to get right up in your screens again. I've got models on the bench, a camera pointed at them and footage already shot. I've discussed it with in a professional context what with all the other projects I've been working on and they're cool with me putting up my content. Basically, I'm on my way. I reckon february should see my first upload in 2 years... it won't be amazing, but its a start. I've learned a ton of stuff since I stopped uploading, not just about modelling but about modellers... hoping I can make some more contributions to the community that really count. See you soon, or rather, you'll see me :) Jon


  1. So, I have just been sitting around waiting for your next opious.
    Now here you are! Welcome back!
    by the by it's July on this side of the pond ;-)

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  4. Hello, sorry if this comment is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it... I am trying to do a rusting piece as you fantastically showed on the aircraft body using Humbrol enamel thinners and matt cote etc... however, there seems to be a problem getting hold of matt cote, three suppliers I have tried are struggling and on ebay it is only available from europe or korea at stupid prices. Can you recommend a substitute please?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi Chris, any enamel based Matt varnish will work. One that springs to mind is testors dull cote, it should reactivate with thinners in a similar way

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